Kate on The Graham Show

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Now onto the news, Kate appeared on Graham Show at the end onf January and here it’s the clip for you to enjoy

Kate Hudson in talks to play porn icon Linda Lovelace

Actress Kate Hudson is apparently in negotiations to play porn icon Linda Lovelace in a forthcoming biopic The 31-year-old actress, who is pregnant with her second child, is said to have been offered the lead role in the film adaptation of Eric Danville’s book The Complete Linda Lovelace, reports the Daily Express.

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According to Deadline.com, ‘Spiderman’ star James Franco is being roped in for the part of pornographer Chuck Traynor. The movie will go up against a rival Lovelace project called ‘Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story’.

Earlier, actress Lindsay Lohan was roped in to play Linda Lovelace. But she was dumped from this upcoming project after her jail and rehab stint. However, Director Matthew Wilder said, “She chose to pull out of the film of her own accord.” He added, “We are withdrawing our offer from Lindsay Lohan.”


Kate Hudson Hoping for a Girl?

After the news broke last week that Kate Hudson, 31, and her boyfriend, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, 32, are expecting a child together, many were surprised. After all, the couple hasn’t quite been together for a year. Still, despite the element of surprise, both fans and family alike have reacted positively to the news, including Hudson’s mother Goldie Hawn and her longtime partner Kurt Russell.

Russell, who has been an acting grandfather to Kate’s son Ryder since 2003 told People Magazine, “It’s fun having babies once again. We just really like that. And it’s fun to watch them grow. It’s fun to see what they’re grasping.”
While they’ll obviously love the baby no matter what its gender turns out to be, Russell confessed, “I think secretly we’re all hoping for a girl.”

It is not at all uncommon amongst parents who already have a child of one gender to want a child of the other gender the second time around, but perhaps there is more to it than just that?

Ryder’s father and Hudson’s ex-husband, Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson (seeing a pattern here?), welcomed a daughter last year with his new wife Allison Bridges, a dynamic that has proved positive between the siblings.

Either way, surely Ryder will come to love his baby brother or sister.


Kate on InStyle

Kate appears on InStyle January 2011 issue. Here’s a scan of it

Elle – December 2009 Scans

I have updated the gallery with scans of Kate in the 2009 issue of Elle.

Golden Girl set to kill time and rumours Down Under

HOLLYWOOD star Kate Hudson is heading Down Under. “I’m planning a trip in December,” she told The Sun-Herald. “I’m going to be there over Christmas.

”I did Fool’s Gold for six months and I haven’t been back. It was a perfect time. So I’m planning a trip back, to see some friends. A bit of Bills [restaurant] in Sydney. Is Icebergs still there? I love it.”

The star of The Killer Inside Me, who filmed Fool’s Gold in Queensland with Matthew McConaughey in 2007, revealed what it is like dealing with endless chatter about her love life, and why she is finally ready to work with her famous mum, Bird on a Wire star Goldie Hawn.

“You know, I’ve been pregnant 15 times, apparently,” Hudson (pictured) said. “I bend over and there’s a baby bump. You get to the point where you have to say, ‘There’s nothing to comment on.'”

As for her well-publicised reluctance to star opposite her parents – stepfather Kurt Russell raised her from a baby – she said: ”As an adult, now I can see it differently … I definitely want to work with both of them.” [SOURCE]

Kate Hudson moving to England for Matt Bellamy?

Kate Hudson is planning to move to England to be with her Muse rocker boyfriend Matt Bellamy.

The 31-year-old actress – who has been dating the British musician for just four months – is ready to quit Los Angeles and set up home in the U.K. capital with Matt, 32.

A friend of the Hollywood star said: “Kate’s been swept off her feet. She’s not only fallen in love with Matt, but also with the idea of starting a new life in Europe. The plan is for them to divide their time between his London apartment and his home in Lake Como, Italy. She’s already started moving her things over. She couldn’t be more excited.”

Kate – who plans to keep her Los Angeles home so she can use when she’s filming in the U.S. – has become obsessed with the U.K. since Matt showed her the beauty of the English countryside, including the place where he spent his childhood.

The friend added to Look magazine: “Matt’s introduced Kate to a world she never knew. He’s shown her around the English countryside, taken her to Devon and Cambridge, where he grew up, and Ireland, where his mother was born. She’s found a man she truly believes she can settle down with. She’s truly excited about starting her new life.”

Kate – who has a six-year-old son Ryder from her marriage to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson – is also planning on landing a theatre role in London’s West End.

Last week, it was claimed the couple were also looking for a property in New York. [SOURCE]

Late Show With David Letterman: Caps & Video

I have added HQ screencaptures are a video of Kate on the Late Show With David Lettermanfrom 8th June.

It’s ‘Something Borrowed’ for Kate Hudson

Now that Sandra Bullock has proven she can handle dramatic roles, the mantle of rom-com queen can be passed down to another actress. The best potential replacement could be none other than Kate Hudson. The Academy Award nominated actress has starred in many rom-coms throughout her career- some good and some not so good. According to Deal Central, the actress is expected to star in the new romantic comedy Something Borrowed.

Directed by Luke Greenfield with a screenplay by Jennie Snyder Urman, Borrowed is adapted from the 2005 novel by Emily Giffin. The film already stars He’s Just Not That Into You’s Ginnifer Goodwin in the role of a New York City attorney who begins a relationship with the fiancé of her best friend.

Hudson is expected to take on the role of Darcy, the best friend. Melrose Place’s Colin Egglesfield has signed onto play Dex, the fiancé.

Although the details of his role are not specified, The Office star John Krasinski will also appear in the film. [SOURCE]

Kate Hudson will return to Lousiana next month for ‘Butter’

Kate will be returning to Louisiana on April 17 to begin filming Butter. According to Variety, “Butter is set in the Midwest and centers on an adopted girl who discovers her talent for butter carving and finds herself pitted against an ambitious local woman — portrayed by Garner — in their town’s annual contest. “Butter” was penned by Jason Micallef and will be directed by Jim Fields Smith.”

The young African-American challenger has not yet been cast, but Jim Carrey and Kate Hudson are in serious talks to join the film (some news outlet are saying that Hudson has already commited). Carrey would play Garner’s husband, ” a philandering, Bill Clinton-esque repeat sculpting champion.” That’s the catch, apparently the movie is really about the 2008 primary race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Hudson will play the Monica Lewinsky-type in the whole scenario.

Butter will be shot in and around Shreveport. [SOURCE]

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